Cry with no tears;
Hi. My name is Nooraimi Huda. I'm 17 going 18 next year. I'm Single for sure. And to know me more. Please read my entry. Don't judge a book by cover.

The truth,
Raimi Huda Amyda.
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" Alright, let’s stop crying now
wipe away your tears now "

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- If you're a hater, run befo' I eatchu.
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Tutorial's & Freebies
Sunday, June 26, 2011 | 9:30 AM | 0 comments ♥
Okay ini Tuto & Freebies Saya Buat sendiri kalau nak copy MINTA PERMISSION ye .. thanks for belajar dri sini OKAY :)

Tuto Love Effect & Top Button
Tuto kecikkan Youtube Player
Tuto Follow and Dashboard Button
Tuto Cara Tukar Background

Float Shoutbox Icon